Running hot when standing still

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Apr 23, 2004
Central Florida
Need some advice guys. My FJ60 is running hot when sitting still while engine is running. When i drive it the temp is just fine it only runs hot when it's at a stand still. Here is list a list of the things that have been done.

-The timming has been checked.
-New radiator
-The water pump is good
-Recently got de-smogged
-Fan Clutch is good
-Lifters have been adjusted

Any advice you can offer up would be much appreciated.
Coupla things to check. Probably first would be the fan clutch. When you shut the motor off, it should stop reasonably quickly. If it spins a good while, it's more than likely bad.

Also check your thermostat. If it failed, it most likely failed in the closed position (btdt). It may not be opening fully. That can be checked with a cold engine, start up, keep hand on radiator till/if you feel the tstat start to open. It should get real hot, real fast. My '40's tstat is stamped 180. So, it opens at 180° F. You can also check w/thermometer in passage, cap off.

Poser can jump in about other tech stuff, like looking for oil in coolant, etc.
Pop your thermostat and boil some water. When you get it boiling, put the t-stat in the water and see if the spring contracts enough. Sometimes you will be shocked how poorly it works..even with a new one from the dealer.

Also check your oil for any moisture. You may have a bad headgasket or cracked head(highly unlikely)

Start with the cheap and easy first
Fan clutch is good it stop immediately after the engine stops running. I actually pulled the thermostat out thinking it ws stuck open. I have not checked the oil for moisture but i will.
had same problem

Make sure you use a OEM thermostat and also it might be worth checking the radiator cap. Are you losing coolant anywhere? Last time you drained and flushed radiator? Maybe buildup?
We got it fixed guys. It was that darn fan clutch we pumped it full of grease which causes it to stay engaged and my temp is now barely above the C.

Thanks to all...

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