Rubicon Trail in an 80

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Apr 12, 2003
Has anyone done the Rubicon trail in thier 80? How does the truck need to be modified to make it without too much damage? Ive got slee sliders (old style, with the removable step) OME lift and ARB up front. 285 BFG AT's, probably go with MTR's if I make the trip. No winch or lockers.

Any thoughts, advice or warnings?
I would think you would need bigger tires, more lift, a winch, and lockers. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a few spare body panels in the garage as well ::)
Those west coast girlies don't know what real wheeing is. :eek: :D There's no reason why your 80 can't get through there. You may not take the same poser line, but you should talk to the 80 girls in the area. They're having an 80 series run up there next weekend.
Junkman-Usually I wouldn't take the bait, but dude, you live in New Jersey! All the 4wheeling you guys do is in 4wd theme parks. The disipline of a real trail, where you actually have to drive out or walk, would be good for you. Instead, judging by what you write, all you do, is lock it up, pick a bad line, romp on the gas pedal, and break stuff. Correct me if I'm wrong, but havn't you blown 2 motors, your frame, airlockers, birfields etc? These things are not necessarily the signs of a good 4 wheeler. We did a trail last week where a bad break would have meant a 30 mile walk to pavement and another 30 to a service station. I'm sorry about your medical issues, but I had hoped you would show for the nice easy run on the (daisy filled) Rubicon. We will publish the pictures of next weeks run, but untill you are in them, no more crap, OK? If you do make it out next summer, add Dusy-Ershim to your list. We did get an 80 through there, but just barely. Looking forward to your visit and a driving lesson.
Relax AP. If anyone took that post seriously, then it was obviously the first post of mine they ever read :flipoff2:.

I don't think they quite fit the bill as theme parks, but call them whatever you want. Yeah, 2 engines, including the first one that was 6 days after I bought it. But, yeah, I guess you're right, I must have done a lot of wheeling in those 6 days. ::) 2nd engine was mis diagnosed heat - but lol, I guess it's because I wheel right? ::)

Yeah, broke a birf trying to follow a 42" tube buggy. But, I guess all that west coast experience would have made a diff? ::)

Relax dude. If you're upset by the joke, perhaps you are not too secure? :eek: :flipoff2: :D It's all good dude. After all, you guys have to put up with folks like Miklos and those guys have to put up with you. If they put up with you, they must be tough. :flipoff2: :D :D
I ran the Rubicon last year in my 80 Series. I also run 285's and with factory F/R lockers, OME lift & modified ARB side-bar/sliders and I had no problems. I added a couple dents and did the trail flare removal but other than that it wheeled great and when it gets hot its always nice to turn on the A/C :D

YES, you can run the Rubicon, but without the lockers... :-\ That may be where you run into issues.... Don't get me wrong I think you can still make it, but make sure you run it with someone that has a good strap to help you through when needed.

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