RTH! Front end noise/play...

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Apr 16, 2006
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I am on the road and am hearing a strange noise from the front end when turning at a lower speed or going over bigger bumps. I have the front end up in the air and have what seems like a lot of play in the birfields. If you are spinning the ds tire in one direction, how much play is normal before ps tire turns reverse? The birfs are not clicking when driving.

Thanks for any ideas...
Are your bearings tight?
Because of the all wheel drive there is a fair amount of play in the system?
What kind of noise is it?
We need more description
I found a place where the tailpipe was hitting the frame due to the connection between cats coming loose. That MIGHT be the noise as it was kinda clang/raspy type of noise. Reminded me a bit of a clang followed by mud tire sucking in a fender flare type thing. Hard to describe. I have only heard it twice today,but I am 400 miles from home with a trailer, wife three dogs (1 of the dogs is dying), so I don't need a break down on the way home. Evrything seems thight underneath and there is a tiny bit of play in one wheel bearing, but it has been that way fo months. I am doing a total front end rebuild this month, must gotta get home to do it.

I would try and tighten up that wheel bearing though
You should be good to go
Probably won't be much help for you, but my noise was exhaust pipe mount broke and pipe was rubbing on xterrain tires (suuuuper chunky), and tansmitting noise all the way up to the Y-pipe, making it sound like the front end was the culprit.

Good luck finding yours!

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