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May 1, 2015
RTH Big Bend Black Gap Road. Looking for speedy help/diagnosis. Here are the elements. 30 mile rough washboard difficult road wheeling for 4 hours full gas tank 115 degrees outside finished difficult trails while on the highway sudden strong gas smell coming from AC vents. Stopped on the side of the highway hissing sound coming from driver side fender canister, opened gas cap slowly and pressurized air with some small drops of fuel expelled under pretty high pressure, continued for at least one minute. No leaks around injector rings, rail, filter, zero sign of fuel or fuel leak anywhere just hissing sound on cannister. After pressure calm down drove another 20 mins and pressure came back. It appears as though high prssure is building up and not going anywhere not sure if it the heat and the washboards or malfuncion. Thanks for the help.
Not uncommon on the 100 series. I have been with guys that have had fuel coming from fuel tank while wheeling. I'd crack the gas cap a bit to relieve some pressure and carry on. I have seen similar issue on the 80, I believe it's an issue with a charcoal canister not being able to keep up with the pressure due to a valve inside no longer operating correctly.
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I know this is difficult since you are in Big Bend but don't top off the tank. Let the gas pump auto stop and don't press it anymore after it stops.
Had the same issue in mine. Ran a bottle of BG44K through the fuel system and the symptoms ceased. I don't know if it unclogged a line but after using the product something changed the I no longer had the issue. BTW - That road is way to easy. Head over to the State Park or Terlingua Ranch and tour the Christmas Mountains.
I Didn't have any problems with it when I was out there yesterday evening. We ran the River Road from West to East with a long stop at Mariscal Mine yesterday evening. Started about 5PM and got back to Terlingua at midnight. BUT, I have had the smell and the sound of boiling before. You get used to it after a while :) It was HOT here yesterday.

I haven't been on Black Gap yet. The River Road is n worse shape than it was in March but compared to Utah and Colorado it's an interstate. Only one day left here :(
Thanks everyone just let the air out and no more issues, it was very hot outside black gap was easy except the pinch of the black gap rains have narrowed to the point of having to drive partially on the hill and the tilt was a little uncomfortable
Some pics of the trip



2016-06-09 20.38.03.jpg

2016-06-10 12.33.09.jpg

2016-06-11 20.01.09.jpg
A very interesting issue. I've not wheeled much with my Hundy but a similar thing to what you describe happened with my 2Hundy on Fins&Things at Moab. Strong fuel smell coming from fuel filler door/cap. Very odd.
Where was that first pic taken...awesome! Big Bend is on my short list of things to do. Can't believe I've never been.

First pic is off a cliff from the road that is on the way to the lodge, a short rain fall made steam off the rocks it was the perfect picture and shortly after the double rainbow was caused also by the rain.

Big bend is definitively a site to see, its an amazing very remote place. I recommend taking walkietalkies and cb radio, it was 3 of us with different major cell carriers and we never had any service. Power went out to the town and near by cities for half a day and gas stations did not have generators, so there was no fuel available. Take spare gas tank and fill it up.
Beautiful area-

Interesting problem especially if your planning a back country trip, and are 200+ miles between fuel stations, filling your tank 1/2 way isn't really an option.

Got to be a way to mod/improve the canister to assist the pressure relief, bigger valves, hoses, or maybe add tank foam for preventing the slosh back?
When I waved as we saw your rig turn in behind us on Ross Maxwell I said "I'll bet that's the guy that was on Black Gap road yesterday". We turned left not long after turning on Ross Maxwell (headed back to Cattail Falls). I'm glad to finally see a lifted LC. Nice rig

Nice rainbow! We shot one from Sotol Vista but the second one didn't show up as well

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