Round vs Rectangular Headlights and AC Retrofit

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May 28, 2016
Somerville, MA
I'm looking at importing an HJ61 from Europe. Most of the HJ61s are rectangular headlight models, with the same front clip as an FJ62. I think the FJ60 style round headlights look so much better. Looking for a low/no rust HJ61 at a good price is already a difficult task. Trying to find an '86 or '87 with round headlights makes the search even harder. Even tougher if I want a truck with AC.

I've read through some old threads where folks swapped FJ60 headlights onto a FJ62. Looks fairly involved, with this list of parts

Core support
grill support
front valence
turn signals
healight buckets
head lights
head light trim

Anyone here recently done such a headlight swap? How long did it take? How much did it end up costing?
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Honestly, just buy a 61, and swap it. It’s probably easier.

When I was looking to buy a cruiser, I thought I liked the square 62 headlights more….. then when I bought my 2nd land cruiser I fell in love with the round 60 headlights…. As somebody who owns both, round is better IMO.

However, if you install a nice ARB bumper, the square headlights look bad ass as hell! But, when you take the ARB bumper off it looks ugly.

Also, Remember, the 62 is a little bit more Heavy duty than the 60, so keep that in mind.



Also wondering about experiences retrofitting AC into an HJ60 or HJ61. AC is a must for summertime, but if I can potentially retrofit after purchase that significantly expands my pool of eligible vehicles.

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