Rotor question from new owner.

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Jan 31, 2019
So I kind of recently bought a 2009 Gx470, its got 103k miles on it and is IMPECCABLE condition. Recently I noticed the brake felt odd having to stop going down hills. The rhythmic grabbing and slightly less grabbing of a warped rotor. I know that this a common problem for this SUVs but my question is this, I was going to wait and replace the rotors when my pads wore down but the pads on the front have plenty of meat left on them, can I replace just the rotors or will the existing pads cause uneven wear on the new rotors?
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Change the pad at the same time or the groove from the old rotor will transfer to new rotor.

Most likely the caliper seize. It's common problem due to not enough rotor mass and tranfer the heat too much to the caliper. Most upgrade to 2010 + gx460 / 5th gen 4runner front caliper, rotor and pads.

The bigger caliper can give slightly softer/longer travel feel of the brake but it's not bad.

People been getting powerstop / Callahan or brake motive front caliper off ebay for cheap. They are brand new and does not need core. I got silver Callahan for about $110 shipped for the pair.

Rotor quality differs a lot. Most is reflected in weight. Cheaper rotor got less weight and lower quality plating that rust faster.. Centric premium is the least I would buy.

I use akebono ceramic performance and have been really pleased with their quiteness, low dust and grab.
Last week I got 4 more new rotors at my expense. Service writer stated: "you said there was a shudder but they couldn't believe what they felt". Yes, it was bad but I had "lived with it" for the past 10,000 miles. The vehicle now has 51,000 miles and it's about 85% highway that I drive every day. (NOTE that I previously had a new set of four installed around 20,000 miles)

For an $85,000 vehicle this is unacceptable. We've owned a lot of cars and none have EVER exhibited this kind of problem. We have had rotors changed for wear but not for warpage or shudder related issues.

I'm disappointed but will continue the trek as we like the vehicle. This, however, is the Achilles Heel. Well, that and the gas mileage which I accepted before buying it.
My 2008 Lexus LS460 was eating oem brake pads and oem rotors for lunch every 10k miles until I upgraded to Akebono ceramic pads and generic aftermarket rotors. Now they last like 30k miles and still warp at that mileage.

I followed the same path on my 2003 GX470 with Akebono ceramic pads and aftermarket EBC solid rotors. 20k miles so far and no warping yet with a couple of off-roading trips under my belt. Trips that stressed and heated the brakes all around.
Toyota oem rotors from the dealer are surprisingly affordable and you are assured a quality part. Aftermarket rotors are a crap shoot these days.

Also, GX470's don't cost anywhere near $85k new, not sure where that figure came from.

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