Rotary Two Post Lift

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Jul 20, 2014
Ok guys my old body can't take it any more. I'm in the market for a lift. I need some advice from those that have or use them. There is a shop close to me that has a used Rotary SPOA9. They are asking $1200.00.

This is where it gets cloudy for me. Been doing some research and this is a "asymmetrical" lift. These are good for cars and light trucks. At my house now we have a 40,80,GX470 and two 2500hd Duramax. One of those is a long bed. For the trucks a "symmetrical" lift is recommended. Most of the use of the lift will be on the 40 and 80. Anybody used this type of lift with a larger truck? I would appreciate any feedback regarding these types of lifts.
I'm using a 10k asymmetrical lfit with my 2500HD duramax 4x4. Just make sure the from (shorter) arms reach the indicated lift points.
I like the room to open doors when getting in and out.
I have a 10k rotary asymmetrical and have put my duramax crewcab dually 6 ft in the air! At this height a bumper screw jack is a good idea. $1200 is cheap and these are the best racks out there.
Thanks for the replies. I'm lucky to have access to a scale and have weighed the trucks and found the cg of both. The long bed is 60/40 front to rear. Not worried about the 40 and 80. I'm kind of ocd. I've pulled all of them in and marked all of the wheels and cg on the floor where I plan to install the lift. It looks like a crime scene on the floor with the side walk chalk. Can you guys tell me where the lift points are for the 2500'S? I have looked everywhere. Is there a source for lifting points for different vehicles?
Make sure the concrete slab is thick enough (if you haven't already).
Yea. I kind of over do things. The floor is 6" min. Also thinking about bracing the top of the lift to the wall post. You know just to over do it.
25 years of rigs over my head, common sense, and just being used to rigs over your head goes along way, that being said, to this day I am super Ocd in every vehicle I put on the lift! Btw 4 " slab has been fine, 10k lift no worries!
Go 4 post and never worry about CG, bracing, drilling concrete, etc....
They have sliding jacks that can lift wheels now

My coworker has bought several lifts from this company.!4-Post-Lift-Combos
i looked into these and they will not work in the space I have. The bay to the left does not have a door. That is where I work on my atv, lawnmower and small stuff. To get around that left rear post I would have to have the lift off the floor and drive under it.

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