Roof repair disappointment

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Mar 6, 2019
I have my 1970 roof back together. The gutter is painted and looks good. The fiberglass is rivited on and looks good.

The sealant is a disappointment. I used 3M 5200. That seemed like a good choice and was available to me. I did not anticipate air bubbles. First I sealed the fiber glass in a bead of glue and riveting it. I taped off the fiberglass to make the sealant coat cover the rivets plus about 1/4" inward. I filled the gutter, smoothed it out and removed the tape. It looked perfect.

Over the last day and half air bubbles have been surfacing. Since the 5200 takes forever to dry I have been wiping it with mineral spirits, slicing with a scalpel, and working the bubble out. It is still gooey underneath.

My concern is that later in the hot sun the bubbles will expand and make a mess .

I wish I had filled the gutter in two passes. I think If I had made a thin bead in the space between the fiberglass and the steel rim I could have gone around with a heat gun and made sure the were no air pockets. Once the gaps were filled I could have then put the thicker coat over the top.

Hopefully this is useful to someone.

Live and learn.....It will still be gorgeous compare to how it was.

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