Roof Rack Recommendations?

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07' GX470
Nov 11, 2010
Does anyone have any advice on a good roof rack for the GX? Im looking at front runner slim line, ARB, and Gobi stealth right now. Im kind of leaning towards the front runner for weight, since its going on my DD. I mostly plan to use it for luggage on road trips. When I see the flat style roof racks without a basket system they make me a little nervous, I can just see all of my crap flying off the roof if I had to break hard on the freeway. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
If I was putting luggage on my roof I would want it protected from dirt, dust, mud, rain, dead bugs so I would mount an enclosed cargo unit like the Yakima Skybox. Mounted to some aftermarket bars would make it easy to take on and off.

Have a FR on my GX. It’s great because they offer so much many accessories for it like tie downs/ratchet straps and RTT brackets. Only complaint would be it sits a little high but it’s actually an advantage too because you can mount items like their stainless steel camp table on the underside of the rack as well.
The Eezi-Awn K9 rack is another option and Southern Style Off-road has the best looking one in my opinion although I’ve only seen pictures.
I would second the Yakima style weather proof box for cargo, luggage, etc. They are very practical and keep the elements away plus secure too.
I think the yakima box is the way to go, also easy to remove for the other 300+ days out of the year I wont be needing it. Thanks again, for whatever reason those boxes didn't ever cross my mind.

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