For Sale Rolled 97 landcruiser (lockers)

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Aug 7, 2003
Lewiton, Idaho
United States

176,000 miles, locked. I took the lift off it so stock springs. Ome nitro shocks are not installed but included ( 20,000 on shocks). Your basically buying a rolling chassis with locked axels, damaged ARB front bumper and all running gear. 1,000 obo sound fair?

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When you say rolled, do you mean that the vehicle has been in an accident? Or it is a rolling chassis? (No engine)

Accident. I was ran off the road by an oncoming vehicle.
The sliders are on my new unlocked 97. I took all aftermarket and transferred to my new rig except Arb and Hellroaring dual battery. Sorry but not willing to part out. I want it out of garage and am excepting offers. I'll try to post some ARB pics
Rolled 97' FZJ80 For Sale

PM Sent. Thanks for posting.
I have taken some interior parts including swappiing seats and a few other plastic pieces to make my new '97 better. All swapped pieces were just thrown back into old cruiser. It's all there just not put back together. Your pretty much buying the running gear which was very well taken care of the past 10 yrs that I have owned it. Not wheeled and previous owner was a Dentist that took it on skiing trips. No hard usage at all.


P.S. gineiclc has 1st dibs
Let me know If you wanna part with that arb
pm sent
Pm'd ya back Landroamer.
Mounting parts for the front & rear sway bars?

I don't need the bars themselves, but everything else to mount them; brackets, rubber gaskets, etc...

How much, with shipping to 84302?


I sold it to genericLC. I believ he is gonna part out some of it. Thanks guys, Vince

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