RLC LR Area Meeting - Every 3rd Thursday of the month


Jun 22, 2008
Little Rock, AR
The next Central AR meeting will be Wednesday, 1/18, at 6:00. This month will be at Hideaway Pizza in NLR.

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If a different day works better for most, I'm open to moving the meeting day off of Wednesdays if we need to.

I'd also like to try this format for this year: each quarter we have a restaurant meeting, a wrenching meeting, and a visit a business/shop meeting. So January is at Hideaway, February could be at my house or another members house to do a specific project, and the March meeting could be at an offroad business/shop (I know of 2 that would probably be on board with this). Thoughts on this format? Anyone lurking want to volunteer their business/shop for a meeting one month? :D
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