Ring and Pinion Issues

Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
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I ordered a new R&P a while ago from Randy's, its from their value gear line and I have a new yoke as well.
It is fine splined, my old one is coarse. (that shouldn't really matter though since I have a new yoke)
The real problem is that the pinion gear doesn't fit right, can't be adjusted. My mechanic said it looks like it was meant for a later year. Anyone have any ideas?
The other problem is that I WANT MY DAMN CRUISER BACK! I got new tires the day I took it to the mechanics and now it looks to be another week before I get it back, I'm about to go insane since I should have had it back 4 days ago.
Does anyone know of a local place (Atlanta GA) where I could get a stock 4.11 R&P? If not I get to really bitch at Randy's and get them to get me the right goods damn fast.
(Tomorrow is the first day of school, its pretty important to a highschooler to be drivin his pride and joy to school the first day) :D ::)
Any ideas?

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