rhd to lhd conversion

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Mar 4, 2006
las pinas city, philippines
g'day folks. i would like to know more information re: LC 70 series conversion. we have lots of available imports here in manila from japan. I would like to know if the conversion of these rigs being sold here are properly done. Anyone out there knows which parts should be used? :beer:
Yeah, why bother? RHD is easy and fun :) I talked to one guy who did this and it took about 100 hours of work and big $$ in parts, major PIA.
IMHO, unless the law requires you to convert, then don't convert. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
I think the Phillipines requires RHD vehicles be converted to LHD. Let me try to tally them just by having a LHD and a RHD:

- Steering box, since the sector shaft runs outside of the frame, mounting a RHD box on the inside of the right frame rail would cause it to hit some engine components at least with 1HZ series engines.
- All associated power steering lines and cooling lines as the box now sits at the opposite side.
- Tie rod opposite of the steering wheel side. Flipping it backward leaves the taper facing the wrong way.
- Throttle cable, LHD and RHD are of different lengths.
- The metal dash itself, and the firewall brace (the tube looking thing that the dash and pedals mount to.)
- All of the associated vent, controls, heater and AC parts including the AC lines under the hood (someone reported a Phillipine shop using the RHD parts, but unless they do extensive modifications, I cannot see how this can be done.)
- metal lines for brakes and clutch.
- headlamps as required by your laws.
- depending on model, battery tray to relocate it out of the way of other parts that were moved.

Optional items:
- wiper motor and linkage, wiper valence panel to change wiper sweep to LHD
- hand brake relocation to left of the midline. May require console modification or part replacement.
- turn signal stalk/wiper control and steering column shroud so your turn signal stalk is on the left.
- rear view mirrors? A very knowledgeable person from Japan tells me the detents are different between LHD and RHD.
- if power windows, parts to move the master controls to the left side.

Of course there will be lots of other mods needed such as cutting out the appropriate holes on the firewall, extending wire looms to reach the panel on the left, etc.

There is gotta be lots more I am forgetting. Somebody else will chime in.

Ciaran does awesome work. The best way is to have a LHD parts donor, in a matching color.

Ciaran now has a BJ70 shell and rolling parts BJ74. He will be figuring our for himself which is the best way to go about this...over the next while. The 6* series he has down pat now.

icky racing diesel in nor cal is converting a bj74 carcass as well.

but he has a (hzj) wire harness, he has the $$$ evaporator case for the a/c, plus all that dave t mentioned.
Hawke's 60 series photo of RHD conversion is really the "Holy Grail" of conversions. :) Must have cost a few shruberries.

thanks for your insights guys. the reason i need to know how a good conversion looks like is because law here mandates that all vehicles registered should be lhd. Anyway, i'm talking about the LC 70-75 (prado/bundera) series which were light duty equipped(coils on all four), 8inch axles of a hilux and a 2LT diesel engine. i'll be road testing some units and hopefully i can put it on some mud tracks.:bounce:
btw, i forgot to tell you guys they change the steering column/box to hilux, LC new dashboard, the tie rods and pitman arms of a hilux . if its an AT they dont mess with it. the power window setting in the driver side (RHD) is place in the center console like a range rover.
It's only a year or two ago that I saw several crashed LC's in the wrecking yard. 60 and 70 series.
Not too many parts were usable but generally the dash and interior are okay.
Nobody needs those parts here (all LHD) and stuff like dashes get trashed or simply dumped. What a waste.
Been in contact with a wrecker who claims to crush many fire walls as there is no call for them over time on the mini trucks.

He is very intersested in putting one in a Hilux with me, claims its pretty easy.

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