Revolution 4.88 Gears for 100 series

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Jun 5, 2020
New Braunfels, TX
Has anybody used these gears over Nitro? They are priced right but say they only fit 98-02 Toyota Landcruiser. Any reason why they wouldn't fit 98-07 and also the LX?

I bought everything at ECGS during some kind of Christmas sale—got a Nitro set for the rear, and a Revolution set (I think, it was unbranded but looks like their stuff) for the front. No issues, same ratio.

My front will be a little different than yours, but the gear sets should hold up the same.

I don't know why they'd fit one year and not the other though. Maybe the 2-pinion vs 4-pinion front carriers?
Maybe the 2-pinion vs 4-pinion front carriers?

But that doesn’t quite line up. 2-pinion = 98-99, they seem to claim it fits “98-02”.
Yeah, solid point. It is a little weird.
I ordered a set … 06 cruiser. I just ordered the gears T9.5-488 part number for rear ring and pinion and T8-488R-29 for the front. Mine has the 29 spline flange. I didn’t need bearings or pinion flange as I have oem new. But dealing with Revolution Gears has been a poor experience. Four months … poor communication. Their website is glitchy and didn’t allow me to create an account. So no way to monitor my order. Gears however are high quality, but what a disappointing customer experience.
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