Replacing/Removing window gaskets

Jun 12, 2005
Saginaw, MI
I am in the process of repainting my 40 and was wondering if there is an easy way to remove all the window gaskets without damaging them and then replacing them when its painted? I have a feeling that due to the weather wear its best to just replace them. Any idea on wear to buy the gaskets for a 75 hard top and 77 windshield, and amb. doors,. Which supplier has the lowest price, but still has the quality. Thanks foryour input.

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Nov 7, 2005
Bainbridge Island, Washington
I have a 78' and have removed and replaced every window in it.
to remove, get on the inside and gently push the glass outward at a corner. You will see it wanting to go, then just feed it out. Pretty easy, it's tempered glass so it's tough. push on the gasket from the inside to help it go

To insert, put the gasket on the glass then run a piece on line around the lip of the gasket (where the metal of the hard top goes). I use 550 paracord that is soapy but I have also used 12 gauge wire in a pinch. This line should wrap around the top and meet on the bottom of the gasket. Insert the bottom of the window in the frame first, with the line on the inside of the vehicle. Push down on the top of the glass and push around the gasket. as you push around the gasket pull the line out gently. Sometimes it helps to get the gasket soapy. If the gasket tears, either it is old, or you are pulling the line out too fast.

I sure hope this makes sense, You use the line or string to pull the lip of the gasket to the inside of the vehicle


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Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
Website need to clean out your pms. here's my response to your pm.

they are reuseable. if yours are in bad condition, than you may have to find used one from someone else, or check with a local glass shop to see if they have something that will work. they usually do, it just won't sit as nicely in the corners at the front where it bends around. i may have one in my basement. if yours aren't any good, let me know and i'll check

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