Replace Throttle Control Motor, Throttle Body, or further inspection? (1 Viewer)

Apr 2, 2020
Inland Northwest
So I've had an intermittent P1126 code for a few weeks now. The cruiser (a 2000 with 242k miles roughly) has never gone into limp mode; and if I reset the CEL I usually have 3-5 startups w/o the CEL turning on/code returning. I have measured the resistance at the Throttle Control Motor plug several times and every time it seems to be 5.2 or slightly under that. Seems like checking the pins at the ECU is a lot more work; for an intermittent problem does that even seem like a likely source of the code?

Should I just try replacing the Throttle Control Motor? I can find the part from Toyota (I am assuming it is a Denso vs the "other" brands from Rock Auto or local stores) for about $320; right now I can buy a complete throttle body from Toyota for $417 (plus the $20 or whatever for a gasket). Money is a little tight right now; but for $100 more it seems like a brand new throttle body with what appears to be the throttle control motor and other sensors seems like a great bargain and may prevent some further issues down the road. I will call to confirm what is included with the assembly prior to ordering. Anything else I should order/replace at the same time? Anything else I should try before plunking down most of my paycheck on a throttle body?


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