Replace spring perches on 80 front axle?

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Apr 13, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
Hey folks,

I've been searching for an axle housing for a bit; trying to have a fresh mount for my springs. Currently, the existing spring perches are flaking away and I'd like to remedy this before it causes issues.

Since I can't seem to locate a LOCKED axle or LOCKED axle housing easily, thought I'd ask if anyone had had success reinforcing spring perches or welding on new ones? I'm in Phoenix, AZ. I know there's someone out here who can do it, but I dont know who or how to make sure I dont make this problem worse by trying to fix it :doh:

Thanks in advance for any replies.

-- Beej
I looked at clocking them (cutting them off and repositioning) and came to the conclusion that they are perfectly fine where they are and my springs can deal with not being mated perfectly. It's a tight squeeze to get tools into.

If they are really that flaky I'd be concerned with the integrity of the rest of the axle housing. If they are still structurally sound, there are chemicals that can arrest the rust progression.
...came to the conclusion that they are perfectly fine where they are...
Lol! Sound reasoning and good logic on the condition of the rest of the housing as well. Spring perches seem "OK" for now but since I have to repack a birf and replace my RH knuckle (because the brake caliper threads are stripped), I felt this might be a good opportunity to address the whole deal. We'll see.

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