Removing Transfer case 4 speed fj40 HELP

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Oct 12, 2002
I for the life of me can not get the Transfer case off the back of my tranny , ive read some threads on the forum about a puller but i cant seem to find any pullers to do that , i bought a harmonic balancer puller but no workie , this is a 76 FJ40 4 speed 4 speed case v-8 aa kit , what kinda pullers have you guys used any pics i am doing this in the rig , i have it seperated about a 1 inch or 1 1/2 inches away from tranny but it wont go any farther , i have a floor jack under the trans as well as one under the xfer case , im stumped as well as not wanting to damage any thing and , not also wanting to get pissed off thought i would ask the Experts , thanks
I just beat the sh!t outta mine, got under the truck and used a combination of a rubber mallet, my legs and a pry bar to get it loose. Make sure that you have the linkage unattached and unbolted the bolts inside the t-case (under the viewing window).
I think the manual says to make a special tool to do it. One that uses existing bolt holes and screws into the case pushing on the shaft.
Got it went up to the rental store they had a puller for 11 bucks for 20 min . have it out and on the floor what a PIA , the puller was a proto part number 4004 J if i ever need one agian that the one ill use , TIA for the replys

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