remove or relocate cat?

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Nov 6, 2005
Riverside, CA
I just finished rebuilding a nice PTO gearbox and put the new PTO gear in the transfer but when I threw the assembly up there the cat was in the way. Way in the way. So would it hurt (besides the smog regs) to take it out? And what would I do with the oxygen sensor? Or would a better option be to relocate it? If I was going to relocate it, though, I'd want a skid plate under it. Any ideas?
The cat can be removed and the truck will still run fine. Might even pick up a pony or two.

If the cat is removed, then the catalyst overtemp sensor is no longer necessary, so it can be removed.

I'm in the process of putting in a rebuilt 3fe in my 62 and will keep the 02 sensors in the stock positions, but can I leave out the cats or will it screw up the computer? Either way I'm putting in a inside the rail system with one or no cats anyway.
62s with fuel injection have oxygen sensors mounted in the exhaust pipe and are definitely needed. 60s with carburators have a temp sensor stuck in the cat to prevent overheating the cat. If you have a cat, you might as well have the temp sensor installed.

Co Springs has smog testing doesn't it? You'll need the cat to pass. You might be able to move it to the rear 6 inches or so to clear the PTO?
I pulled mine as the first step on the de-smog, and noticed no discernable difference. But, there is no smog-testing in Nebraska, so I cant say how the emissions changed.


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