rebuilt 2F head (open chamber) (1 Viewer)

Dec 29, 2002
nashville, tn
hey y'all,

CASTING NUMBER -- 61031 = open chamber head

(please check your old head for a casting number to make sure this one will work for you)

magnafluxed, tanked, cleaned, painted, all that good stuff
new valves and valve seats
new freeze plugs
oil galley plug fixed w/ allen head bolt mod

go this all done ~ two and a half years ago and never installed it.

looked it over last weekend and it's still in great shape. removed all the tape and paper i had covering the combustion chambers, intake/exhaust, water jacket holes, etc to keep out dust, and everything is just like the day i got it back from the machine shop.

asking what i have in just the rebuild for parts and labor -- $350 obo

nashville, tn

shoot me an email if you're interested,

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