Rearend play with locker

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Oct 4, 2005
I have a '73 FJ 40 with a locker in the rear. It has taken some time to get used to driving around corners with my 3 speed, stock F and locker, but I have also noticed that if I drive straight and let off the gas quickly, the rear of the truck shifts enough to require a slight correction in the steering to keep it straight. Does this sound right or do I have an issue in the rear springs and/or axel? Everything else is stock in the suspension (as are the springs) .
You might want to make sure the rear tires are at the same pressure. Tire size and tire pressure play a role in this. If one tire is slightly larger or smaller due to tire pressure or wear, you will notice this shimmy more.
If all checks out fine then I would say the shimmy is pretty typical. Mine does it a little sometimes too.
It is normal operation.

When you go back and forth from acceleration to deceleration, the locker switches the sides that are driving. The way they work is that one tire is always ratcheting while the other one is driving (unless a tire is slipping). The key to smooth opertion is to keep steady acceleration or deceleration in turns.

If the twitching requires steering correction, you may have some front end or steering issues.

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