Rearching woes

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Oct 1, 2005
Hi there,

just had my 62 re-arched and i also added a leaf to all 4 springs as they were sagging, I've gained around 2 inches of lift with this. I also have a 2 ince body lift as well.
My concern is whether the drive shaft would be put under extra stress due to the slight angle increase. Please advise as I've faced some problems previuosly with my Nissan Patrol and chevy Blazer.....;)
You should be fine. The body lift has no effect on the drive line and most likely you truck had lost 2 inches in sag from the factory stance. I was told by folks at $OR that you could go 2-3 inches of lift without a problem. If your worried you can put shims in the rear to tilt it up.

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