Rear Wiper Replaced; does not return to off position

Mar 30, 2018
Durango, CO
I recently replaced my rear wiper arm and the link assembly (pictured below for reference) because the bolt on then end of the link assembly was rusted/sheered. Install was pretty straightforward, however when I turn on the rear wiper it wipes to the the fully "extended" position and will not return to the "off" position. Turning it on/off at the switch next to the steering wheel does nothing.

I've gone back into the rear compartment and loosened the bolts on the link assembly in order to manually return the rear wiper to the off position. When I turn it on again the same issue happens. I did not touch any electrical components when I originally replaced these parts nor did I mess with the motor.

Anyone else have this experience? Thanks.

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Oct 21, 2020
I'm only asking this because I have done it. What size blade did you use? I once used a 20 because I read that on some website. It would get caught at the top by the sprayer because it's supposed to use a 16. Other than that I would just make sure everything is greased well.

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