Rear fog light relay location

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Jan 28, 2007
Teesside UK
Hi guys. Can anyone tell me where the relay that operates the rear fog lights on my 96 LC is located?

These lights don't work, 0 volts at the bulbs, suspecting the relay, but any help most appreciated.
Rear fogs? :confused: Are you talking aftermarket? One of mine had a relay and wiring in the rear quarter by the jack holder. No light though.
Rear fogs are standard on all European 80s - I think they're required by law. I have aftermarket fogs. No clue where the factory put yours.

I'm assuming being from the UK that your 80 is RHD.

The only reference I have ever seen to the factory rear fogs is in a pdf I downloaded from a french site ages ago. Being French it is for the LHD market, but it has still helped me a lot with various bits and peices. You could try searching 80series_elec.pdf as I recall finding the site through a link on mud, or PM me and I'll send you a copy of it.

Anyway, the relay you are looking for should be behind the kick panel by your right knee (RHD DS). The relay is above the indicator flasher can.

As I said, this is based on LHD diagrams, but everything on my RHD that I have needed has been a mirror image of the LHD drawings so far. Good luck.
Great. I thought the relay would be there but wanted opinions before I open it all up.

Thanks very much for the replies.

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