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Oct 8, 2003
Z.O.W.I.E. Headquarters
So some really nice guys decided that they wanted my wives bag of sheets that was in the back of the cruiser while it was parked at the shopping center which she works at. They decided that since she wasn't there they would break the left rear door roll down window and just grab the bag. The bag was for her other job which is massage. So in essence they stole a bag of sheets. Unfortunately the bag was a nice Timbukt2 messenger bag but I digress.

So now I have a window made of plastic wrap. It' kinda like having a 40 series with the noise and all. I've called CDan and he's gonna take care of me, but now the question is I'm not sure what the proper procedure is for replacing this thing. Do I remove the vent window to get the new glass in or will it fit in without removing the vent window? Any tips or pointers. I couldn't find anything with search.


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Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
On the front door you pull the inner panel, vapor barrier, outer seal/trim, window regulator (motor) a short removable sections of window track and the rubber glass track/seal then the glass goes down and then bring it back up at an angle to clear the top of the door frame, the rear is probably similar


Nov 27, 2003
Darwood said:
they wanted my wives bag of sheets
Hey Sheik Darwood, how many wives you got? ;)

Sorry to hear about my new favorite 80 geting molested! but funny to think how stupid the idiot felt when he found out he stole a bag of sheets!
This would be nice to see documented... one never knows when this would come in handy... (laugh it up norcal boys :D )

Maybe an opportunity to dynamat the doors while your pulling panels?
Good luck Derek


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Oct 27, 2003
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Sorry to hear about that D.

That sucks more than just a little.

Process to replace glass is pretty straight-forward. I don't recall having to remove the small fixed glass portion, but won't argue the point (it's been a while). Just remove the screws that lock the door panel in place and pop the plastic clips loose.

Once you have this off, you'll have access to the crank mechanism. Unbolt the bar that the window sits in. Clean up any remain glass, etc.

Insert glass into bar -- you might need to soap up the edge of the glass and/or rubber gasket (holding the glass in the bar) to get it seated in the bar correctly.

Check the FSM for measurements of where the bar should be on the glass. I don't recall if it fits flush on one end or the other. I do recall that if it's not in the correct location, it can slip off the lift mechanism (one of the wheels will slip off the track).

I'm sure this will all sound like gibberish until you take the panel off and look at the window lift mechanism and the bar gizmo. might still sound like gibberish after you look at it.

Give me a call if you have any questions during the install. If you don't have my number handy, PM me for contact info.
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