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Mar 29, 2003
hey all, my brother just bought a 92 v6 4x4 toyo pickup, i have a 2003 tacoma and a 1970 fj40, guess he was jealous. anyways, the day after he bought it the third member took a crap, the truck has a pretty big custom lift with 35 inch tires, my question is should we rebuild using the same gears, or can we put heavier duty gears in the same housing??and if so what gears?also is it as easy as it looks to rebuild? or is it pretty complicated? need to rebuild one on a 69 dodge charger also, so just wondering if it is worth tackling myself.ok, well thanks in advance..

John Smith

In the garage
Jun 7, 2004
If the "3rd memeber took a crap" I don't know that I would try reusing the gears unless they are not missing teeth and in fine shape. Don't user Genuine Gears from 4wheel parts wholesalers as they are crap. US Gear, or Yukon or Precision are all fine gears.

If you have never setup a 3rd memeber check out what is involved here.

This is a great resource also.
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