Rear brake job

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Mar 29, 2009
Smyrna, GA
My rear brakes are howling after taking a trip to Savannah this weekend. I've never done a brake job and would love to learn. Would anyone be willing to lend a helping hand. I would be willing to pay you or buy beer.
Had you been wheeling? not really sure if the 96's have rear discs bit if they do you can visually inspect the rotor for scoring/grooving, remove a rear tire and check your pad thickness. they may just need to be cleaned out a bit :beer:.
Your description sounds similar to how Clutchee described his 80 ('96 or '97?) sounding when he pulled into GSMTR last year. His situation was the rear pads had never been changed so it was metal on metal contact. The solution was new pads and rotors. This was all bolt off-&-on tasks so it was fairly simple. The only challenge that I recall getteing noted was the Allen wrench required to take the calipers off.
Additionally, I have purchased replacement pads and rear rotors for my wife's 80 ('95) at NAPA in the past as general maintenance. It seems like the rear set of rotors cost less than $120, so they are available and somewhat reasonably priced. Also, I don't recall the parking brakes presenting any challenge when swapping out the rotors (even though they are "drums inside rotors").

My recommendation is to go ahead and do it your self; provided you can give yourself a couple of days for questions & answers as you complete the work (it is a few hours work not a few days, but learning eats time frequently). Good luck.
What part of atlanta are you in?
I changed my rotors/pads in the rear in Nov. of 2007 for the first time. I did it all by myself in about 1.5 hours. With air tools, I bet I could do it now in less than an hour. It was not bad and trust me, I am a very novice wrench. I do have a factory service manual and would suggest the investment if you do want to learn to wrench on your own. I am not too far from you but unfortunatly I work too much and my family takes my entire weekend to really be of much help. I am sure you can find some nice write-ups in the 80 tech section. If you have time to wait for shipping, I would strongly suggest ordering OEM parts from Ralph Hayes Toyota or CruiserDan here on mud. With their discounts, you get OEM parts at discount store prices....sometimes even cheaper than the discount stores. You just have to be able to wait a few days for them to get to your door. From Ralph Hayes, I had parts in 2 days. Hope this helps. Certainly post up on here or 80's tech if you run into any issues. This site has a bunch of people willing to help.


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