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Jan 30, 2009
Kansas City, MO
I am having an issue with my rear drivers side brake. I noticed after a few short trips the braked smelled really hot. I just change pads about 10.000 miles ago. I took the rotor off and noticed a ring on the inside of the caliper where the ebrake appeared to be rubbing. Nothing was stuck and the bell crank worked like it should. My pads did not look excessively worn. I cleaned up everything and put back together and went for a short 5-10 mile drive and parked in driveway and breaks were very hot again. Could my caliper be stuck?? Any advise would be appreciated, Thanks.


Oct 4, 2008
I had this happen on an old "new to me" Mazda. It was a mal adjusted e-brake cable. I took it all apart and relubed it as it was binding and causing the adjustment to be off.

IIRC for the LC it's 7 clicks of the e-brake from "off" untill pulled up and locked in the "on" position. The FSM gives the correct range.

I'd also check the caliper piston as that maybe hanging up.

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