rear bench seat

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Jan 30, 2003
Does anyone know where to find a rear bench for a 40? I saw in the post about seats, dieselcruiserhead's 40 had a rear bench in it. I checked with Man-A-Fre but Bestop has discontinued their rear bench. I thought about maybe the bestop bench made for the cj's. That might fit. Any ideas?
SOR has one, it was in their last catalog.

There are also 100's of custom installs, including Early Bronco benches, minivan benches, etc.
I found that the back seat from the Dodge Raider/Mitsu Montero (the small 2-door style) fits perfectly between the wheel wells of a 40.

The seat is also a "flip and fold" style and you can pull all the hardware, brackets, and seatbelts from the donar vehicle.
I put a bench seat that was made for an early model Bronco in my Cruiser. I got it from All I did to it was fab some new mounts for it so it would be a couple more inches off the floor. Turned out sweet.

I called SOR about there bench seats. They said that Con-fer had discontinued them. Too bad, they look like good ones.
my brother has a con fer one so i got inspired to buld my own i bult it out of angal iron 1" square tubing some plywood and some fome and it came out betere than his imo
Jeep TJ rear seat fits perfectly. You can usually find them cheap, and they're still new enough so they're not trashed.
Thanks for the ideas guys. We are heading to the junk yard this weekend, I will do some looking around. :D

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