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Feb 1, 2008
Burbank, CA
Hey Guys,

Yesterday I was working on finishing the rear axle rebuilt with new bearings.

As stated in the FSM, i went up to 43 lbs on the lock nut, then loosened untill it can be turned by hand.

The preload was very low, i think aroung 3.5 lbs, so kept on tightening, but i had to go over 43 lbs to reach 5.7 lbs on the fish scale. I also turned the hub with the rotor on 3 times each direction.

I got a new fish scale by the way, and tested it with 5 lb bummells, and it was right on.

Is ok to go above the 43lbs, as long as the preload is in spec ?

Just when I thought i was almost done !
Apr 5, 2006
Canyon Lake, TX
It is not a problem going over the torque as long as you are not over tightning the wheel bearings. The main question is if you have movement of the wheel. With the axle out, bolt the wheel back on and grab it at 12 and 6 o'clock to check for slop. The pre-load will tell you if the bearing is too tight and you went too far the other way.

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