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Jun 19, 2003
Nowhere Nebraska
Yesterday a thread was started on complexities of a vortec swap, I assume that all the problems with the computers and wiring come from using engines out of wrecks, not the vortecs that advanced adapters is selling. I can't help but think that a "AA" engine in front of a ranger torque splitter would be the, moucho power and fuel economy to boot. Any feed back for or against is welcomed as it's alot of money to shell out.
you just noted the big concern...$$$

You can purchase a used Vortec for quite a bit less, spend the time learning the wiring and hookups, install yourself, nd then be in a better position to troubleshoot it down the road.

Anyone know the torque capabilities of the splitter?
When I did my research on a swap (I ended up rebuilding the 2F) what put me off was when each person told me you will hae to figure out what to do with the this or that. But the best advice was when getting a motor from a wrecker get it all. Make sure you get the computer, wiring Harness everything.
Woody, according to AA's brochure it's rated at 420 ft-lb and 25,000 GVW

Folsom, I think, instead of just shelling out the big bucks for complete, state-of-the-art, like-new running gear, you should look for used and piece it together yourself. Much more rewarding in the long run. :D

ps - I wrote a whole sermon on this, then deleted it because I sounded like a preacher! :p
I get a bit frustrated when folks try to paint these conversions into black or white. In practice with most if not all of the conversions that are commonly done, there is a complete spectrum from low $$ and lots of work to big $$$$ and no work. The Vortecs are great engines and the swap is not hard if you are willing to learn a little about th salvage-yard engine almost any day of the week with less than 100 miles on it for less than half the price. I think it is up to each individual to figure out where in that sprectrum of cost vs. effort he or she fits and make the decision on how to proceed.
Junkyard is the best way to go, I got my 99 vortec out of a suburban with 11k miles on it, look for one that has been rolled and has no front impact, the truck mine was pulled from rolled on the way home from vegas, totalled it but it was a slow roll a few times and didn't damage the engine at all. If possible have them run the engine for you at the jyard, they did this for me and as well tested the compression for me while I was there ( i think?), anyhow they definetly did run it for me. Forget the ranger torque splitter, I was VERY unhappy with mine, loud, expensive and shifts like there is a pound of rocks in the case, very annoying whining sound on the freeway as well. I am in the process of replacing it with an nv4500, either this or an auto would be my reccomendation. Also, if you can get a manual computer (impossible) for your vortec from a junkyard grab it as you won't need to reprogram it. Some say you don't need to reprogram but I ended up having BTB ($$ - ouch) reprogram my computer. It ran before having it reprogrammed but I wanted everything perfect and wanted to lose the fault code lights.


thanks for the info., I think I'll be staying away from the ranger. I just found this site a few days ago, it has to be the best cruiser forum on the net.

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