Re: Ballast Resistor

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Apr 9, 2003
I went through something like that with my 71 FJ40. It has an internal resistor in the coil. When I first got it running it would burn up the points within about 15 minutes (rough running, then backfiring, loss of power, then a sudden eerie silence). I was told to use a GM external resistor for trouble shooting, and that worked fine as a temporary measure.

I think any ballast that drops the voltage to around 8-10 volts across the points will do. Don't try running long without any resistor or you will burn your points, and they are rather annoying to change.
so a 71 shouldnt need a resistor then? when I did my rewiring I didnt come across one, must be in the coil.
here is a pic of the ballast resistor on my 73. I wasn't aware that the earlier coils had them built in...need to do some digging.
For what it is worth;
My '67 has an external resistor.

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