Rain gutter chrome trim, body trim

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Nov 28, 2006
Leesport, PA
Do most on here pull off the chrome trim that runs the entire rain gutter length? Seems like it would hold moisture and mine is coming off on the lower part of the a pillar. Also, do most pull of the door trim? It appears to just be stuck on, or does it have holes into the body? Lastly, the trim on the rockers; my one side is missing and there are plastic screw holes that go into the body. Should those plugs be pulled out and the holes welded shut? There are also holes in the bottom of the rocker, I am assuming they are for water drainage? Just trying to head off future rust issues here.
deblinged the rain gutters just this year, 6y after I bought the rig. :banana:

My doors didn't come w/trim. Had a club member help install a different passenger door due to bondo, and the replacement has a horizontal trim piece on the bottom 1/4 of the door. Suggestion was to drill out the trim and seal the holes.

Rockers didn't come w/trim either, haven't had any issues w/the plugs, but I don't live in your type of climate.

There's discussion on here about using a toothpick to clean out drain holes in the bottom of doors & rear 1/4 panels.

I would de-chrome my gutters, except that pesky con-ferr rack would have to come off to do so. Hassle. Next time the rack is off, I'll do it.

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