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Nov 26, 2014
New Mexico

I've an HJ61 I just acquired, it wasn't built with a radio and I had a few questions.
I'm basically going to be starting from scratch knowledge wise. I have swapped one radio in my 99 tacoma, that was basically solder the wiring harness, unplug and replug.

Was wondering if anyone knew offhand if the hj61 would have the rails (or even what the rails attach to) for putting a radio in or if I would need to find some? (I could crack it open and see but trying to minimize that and I'm at work and my mind is wandering while on break).

Any tips for installing a radio on a 24v system?

Any 1din radios and speakers that people think look attractive and work well? Weather radio, aux and usb would be nice.

I like to use this 24V single-din unit:

It has Bluetooth, remote, usb input and aux input.

You can use a generic install kit for the mounting, like something from any parts store.

You can install any 12V single-din unit, just use a 24v-12v power converter. Like this one for example:

That is a 20amp/720watt unit, so plenty big to run a radio, CB, and cig lighter socket. Smaller units are also available.
I'm not sure I understand what's happening here...there is no radio currently installed or there's no hole in the dash or there's something over the hole in the dash??
All the connectors should be there regardless and the rail is pretty generic and anything is adaptable.
I have installed two radios in 24 volt vehicles. One in my HJ61 (thread can be found here), and one in the wife's BJ71 (thread can be found here). Both were basically the same set up. If you need help feel free to contact me! There are also other threads for installing the converter, just do a search.;)
Awesome, thanks!
I think I'll go the converter route instead of a 24v radio because I'd like to have at least one 12v plug for charging stuff, and at some point I'd like to get a ham license.

I like the way the 2din alpinecowboy put in looked ( ) but I like having the wallet holder.

I'd seen your thread before Mr Tibbs, was part of the reason I went from thinking about converting an fj to importing, but blanked on the stereo install.

Crick- it didn't come from the factory with a radio. It's got a blank plate and I wasn't sure what to expect under it - . I was going to be surprised if there was wiring for one. Partly haven't had time to take it apart to check and partly want to go in as few times as possible since it is a 26 year old dash.
Nah she'll be right mate, one of the best dashes ever made the only weak point is the heater controls surround near the top where it gets a bit thin but the rest will take a beating.

Just pick a deck and get stuck into it, do you have speakers? All the wiring should be behind the panels regardless.
It's all about having a go.
If the wiring was all there that would be awesome. I was making the assumption that they'd not do the wiring if the truck wasn't going to have radios or speakers installed. (There aren't any speakers). If it is all there, I'll just get a 24v radio and speakers, and then do a separate converter that is only on with the ignition and it'll be a snap.

Just need some hours in the daylight to spend with her.

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