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Aug 20, 2010
Ok guys I am about to put a 6.0L LS1 in my fj62 and would like to find a radiator with the hose on the right side instead of the left, to help clean up the install. Does anyone know of one that will fit ( just the space I plan on some custom fab) and work out for this application also I am shooting for around 450hp so it will have to be pretty heavy duty.
They make a molded hose that will work on your toyota rad. I just bought a set last week. Ill get the part number for the hoses and post it for you. I got the idea from ROVER67 and his 5.3 vortec swap. I just did this swap and have the parts list somewhere.
The 7 dollar hose is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy cheaper than a radiator that you really dont need to get.
Thanks the part number and vendor would be great
Ron davis makes probably the best drop in aluminum replacement that will handle some extra heat. Look up a guy named RobJ on this forum and look for his build. Hes running a 6.0 and A/C here in AZ and is able to keep it cool with that setup.
I'll give ron a shout and see what he says, Thanks
You might want to give man-a-fre a call as they sell the radiator that is fj60 specific made by Ron Davis. His stuff is defiantly top of the line. Here locally He has an excellant reputation and his radiators are used on a lot of the big horsepower high dollar sand rails, pre runners, trophy trucks, high hp hot rods, dune toys etc. If I had the need he would be my first choice. My v8 doesn't need anything to special though.

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