Radiator Specs 1997 LC with Air/Trans

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Mar 27, 2003
I was wondering if anybody had the specs (good ones) or maybe has a bad one they could send me ::) In my never ending quest to keep the engine/compartment cooler I am considering having a completely aluminum radiator custom built to the original specs + if there is room for improvement. Along with installing thermostats in the radiator I would also like to switch over to dual electric fans. I know I am going to hear it now on the electric fan thing, BUT :flipoff2: I look at it this way. 1. The engine will warm up faster in cold weather. 2. It will cool better in traffic. 3. I could turn it off before crossing any deep water. 4. Possibly gain a small amount of extra pony power (yea I know the alternator will have to work harder, yada yada yada). The electric fan will not always be running. Plus Mean Green should help me out too.


You describe just what Photoman has already done. He spent a huge ammount of time and $$$ on this very thing. FWIW, he is going back to an engine driven fan.

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