R150F trans with diesel bellhousing?

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May 13, 2012
under rock in Norfolk va
so a couple of years ago i bought a yota trans and transfer case from a jeep guy , he said it came from Austrslia, and was putting in his jeep behind a straight 6 ...i tried to put it behind my 22r and no go so it sat i was cleaning shed and started looking it up online and its a R150F with chain driven transfer case , bellhousing has starter and throwout on the driver side ? i read that this is a diesel bellhousing. I cant find any numbers on it , it has a blue 96 on the transfer case in paint, cable drive off rear output flange? it shifts and spins through all gears smoothly is there any way to use on a 22r? or 3.slow? is it worth anything? thanks all!
I doubt you could use it on a 22R-series, even if it bolted up, the exhaust would cook the starter.

Post on Marlin's forum with pics, see if the experts there can help.

Here is a pic of the toyota bellhousings I have seen.Top one is for a gas 22r.Bottom two are for the diesels left one is 4x4 right one is 2wd.The 4wd diesel bellhousings are worth money in the USA.Think I paid $250 for one 3 years ago.They are getting harder to find.It would probably sell fast on toyotadiesel.com
Isn't the R150 the transmission behind the 22rte? I thought it was. And if yours has a diesel bell housing, I'm sure that by changing the bell housing, it would fit a 22r and 20r
From Australia, not sure but in the US the R150 and chain drive came behind the 3.0. The 22rte had a R151 behind it.

The 150 bell housing won't bolt up behind the 22re without swapping on a 151 bell housing, and if you find a 151, USE IT! It has a better ratio in it so you would crazy to swap the bellhousing only.

The 22r series are generally going to have some varition of the W56 behind it. The really early ones had G-series.
so i had a guy come over and he said it was a 1kz-te bellhousing? anyone have any info on it ?

That is the 3 liter diesel engine that came in the non-NA trucks. Not sure what else it will bolt to, but if you can find the motor you are set.

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