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Apr 26, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT
So I just picked up an 80 series after about an 6 year break after selling my 40 series. Lately I have been asking quite a few questions of the forum and I will now hope to add back with a couple of quick tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are not unique to the 80 series, but since I own one, I will post them here:

Silicone Grease: Learn to love it. I have been using Silicone grease in automotive applications for about 10 years not. I have yet to be dissapointed. I use it inside of the distributor where the plug wires mate to the cap. Squirt some of that stuff in there and the plug wires will always come off and water will never get in. I also used it to seal up the distributor cap with the distributor body. While there, make sure to spray the inside of the cap liberaly with WD40. I can spray the distributor assembly with a hose and the engine will not stall out. By design this stuff is dielectric; It will not pass electricity.

Use this stuff on all of your gaskets and seals. It will not swell any seals.

Use this stuff on all of your hoses. This grease helps with assembly, as well as disassembly 10 years from now.

Metal on metal: Use this stuff on your tie rods. They will fall apart when you take that castle nut off.

Put this stuff on your wheel nuts and on the rotors where they mate with the wheel. Your wheels will fall of (only when you want them to).

etc., etc., etc.

This stuff comes in a toothpaste bottle and has the consistancy of such. You can pick it up at any wholesale electric warehouse for $5-$10. Best money spent. Who knew? There's even a wiki article on the stuff:

Thanks to all of your intelligent responses to all of my questions.
Good info, I'll try to get some!

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