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Apr 11, 2003
Just a quick FYI for those of you considering the Optima upgrade...

The batteries you get from Pep Boys or Autozone will have the plastic spacer which helps the battery fit better. They don't like to order anything from Optima and don't believe there is an orange top or 34R anyway. So you order from http://www.1st-optima-batteries.com/ but they still want over $15 for the spacer.

Not quite a bolt-in replacement but not a big deal either. The net result is that Optima is NOT supplying the spacer with all batteries!

That spacer is the *only* bootie fab thing on my truck. I used a 1x4 scrap of wood and secured it to the battery with a couple of sheetrock screws. Really.

It works. :D

for a free Optima(or Orbital)spacer go to any parts store, most of the normal non Optima batteries are shiped on a black plastic tray that just happens to fit perfect(if you grab the right size) under an optima, it even clips on the base. I got a 1/2 dozen of them 2 weeks ago.....for free of course.

Another neat trick I have seen done(on race Jeeps), you can drill holes in the top of a Oribital, run bolts thru it and bolt the battery down. You can't do this with a Optima as you will drill thru the plates that conects the side post to the top post. I'm SURE doing this will void a warantee however

John H
i also bought an optima 34r from 1st-optima,came with NO spacer...:-(

made one,but wanted a spacer,called 1st -optima,was told 19.00 bucks....no way!!!!

then on a whim,e-mailed optima batteries,recieved a reply stating they were sending me a free spacer,BAM in the mail 2 weeks later,an Original spacer(red though,not ORANGE :)

dont give up!!!!!

Ya got that email address handy?
Yeah, what address did you use? I tried the one on the website, questions@optimabatteries.com and aside from the fact the guy/gal seems to have never used the internet or email before (the reply was in ALL CAPS and was sent twice, once with a message and once with no message, only the default sig) they also have no idea what I'm talking about.

Did you contact someone else?
We have Optima batteries on consignment at the shop. They stop by every 2nd weeks and replace what was sold, and/or rotate old stock. They supply us with spacers that we provide free to the customers.
Hey now! Not trying to be a PITA, just a little dry humor there...

I don't know nor do I have the time to find my local battery shop that sells Optimas. In this case it APPEARED much easier to call and order than spend time finding, going to, ordering, going back to pick up, etc...

Now of course I'm stuck without the stupid spacer. Not that the 2X4 doesn't work wonders but it is just a tad ghetto for my taste. I like things done RIGHT and that ain't it...

And Optima hasn't responded back to my email. C'mon Doug, what email address did you send too?
[quote author=Eduardo96FZJ80 link=board=2;threadid=5507;start=msg44907#msg44907 date=1064526090]
If I recall correctly, The Wulf claims the 2x4 is "kindiling" for the campfire!! :D ::)

It is, Every time we go out, it gets smaller..........."you don't think we'd eat a pig like that all at once, do ya?"

>> Not that the 2X4 doesn't work <<

It's not a 2x4, it's a 1x4. As others have pointed out it started as a 1x4x10 and now is down to a 1x4x6. Oh, and if you think the 1x4 is ghetto then what are you gonna say when you find out it's attached to the battery with two 1" sheetrock screws?


(BTW, I love that 3-legged pig joke...)

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