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Aug 8, 2008
Franktown, CO
I bought the Downey 22 gallon fuel tank that mounts up under the rear of the FJ40. The instructions dont give any guidance as to how the various fuel fittings should be assembled so I installed them the way exactly the way they came to me from Downey.

This tank is supposed to mount flush up to the bottom of the vehicle under side. The return line fitting (on the left) is protruding about 1/2" above the stops on the top of the tank. Is this right or should that fitting be below the top of the tank stops so it doesnt hit the bottom of the truck? If so, how should it be assembeled to make it shorter?

There is a nut below the fitting you can see, then an o ring under that, then the tank lid, then another nut on the inside of the lid. If I remove the top nut it should make it short enough but then where does this 2nd nut go? I'm also worried the o ring won't seal correctly if it is only compressed by the bottom of the brass fitting you can see.

Jim at Downey or anyone else that has done one of these recently? Can you give me a simple diagram or assembly sequence for the various components including for the fuel pickup tube?
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Jun 5, 2007
Brea, Calif.
The normal lower profile fitting we supply for the return line was out of stock, so without thinking we supplied another fitting that was in stock without considering the height. What you have obviously will not work, and I must exchange it ASAP, call me at (562)949-9498

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