Pull to Right and Rack and Pinion

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May 15, 2018
Round Rock, TX
I have been dealing with pull to right for last 2000 miles on brand new Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires factory size on 2016 LC. Went to Toyota dealer in Cedar Park, TX. So the good news the alignment was good and by swapping front tires right to left the pull to right is gone. Dealer charged me nothing for visit.

Dealer noted that my rear brakes disc are out of spec on run out.

Really bad news was that rack and pinion on driver side was leaking. I have nice video of it from Tech as he explains what he did and found.

I have used 2016 purchased in 2018 with 14,400 miles. I am now at 46,000 miles. Happily I bought extended warranty when I purchased and so my cost for that is going to pay for the fix. Dealer noted that they had only ever done 1 other rack and pinion on LC and that was 2008 with over 200K miles on it. As the repair is free to me and master tech will be one doing all the work I not going to bother to get a second opinion. I have to wait about 35 days for part. So appointment to fix it is not till October.

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