PS Reservoir mesh

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Oct 10, 2016
Middle Tennessee
Hi guys
with the cold weather (-10 F today) my PS pump whines really bad until the truck warms up.
I assume the whine is due to the fluid being thicker for the cold, and is pretty old also.
Yesterday I drained the reservoir and put new fluid on it, and was planning to repeat the process every other day until I see clean fluid coming out. The old fluid looked like molasses and was no easy to pump it out.
I'm putting Valvoline Synth ATF Multi-Vehicle.
I saw several posts in my search mentioning cleaning up the mesh screen inside the reservoir, but how do you do that?
How do you take the screen out for cleaning?
Just remove the reservoir and back flush. That’s the easiest method I’ve found.
Just remove the reservoir and back flush. That’s the easiest method I’ve found.

This. I actually used brake cleaner, sprayed into the removed reservoir- let sit for a few minutes. Backflush as mentored above. Blow out with compressed air to dry.. Still looks clear today.
Well, yesterday winter gave us a break and with temps in the mid 20s I took the reservoir out to clean.
never expected what I saw there. it was a solid 3mm coating of hard grime on the mesh.
Needed a toothbrush, screwdriver (to scrap), 2 cans of break cleaner, half a can of engine degreaser and several water and detergent flushes.

looks pretty good now and I can actually see the fluid circulating. Now I need to wait until it gets really cold again to see if it whines at start up.

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