Propane? and other questions...

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Feb 21, 2008
Ive used our faq and did a quick search on here and google and have yet to find actual numbers. We have stumbled across 3 propane injection kits for free as long as we rebuild one and make his tractor run (no biggy). Two of these kits are made to bolt straight up to a Willy M38 jeep. Which we happen to have! The other kit is a mystery, but needs rebuilt none the less.
So, i know how to run propane,
BUT, I need to know efficency, average mpg, power gain or loss, and just general pros and cons.
Right now i average around 23-25mpg with my 22r. What can i expect from propane?

My next question is about my dang fan. It lost a blade recently but didnt hurt anything. which made my fan all unbalanced. Oriellys cant get just a replacement fan. They can get an electric replacement but not a fan! Do i hvae to go through a dealer or are there other options?

And lastly, i have a really nice pair of shackles from my uncles fj. The shackles use a 1/2 bolt. The toys bushings a 3/4". Can i get replacement bushings with a 1/2"hole? where?
all i can tell you about using propane is the combustion is cleaner, and produces less carbon. which means cleaner oil and less acid. this means your oil change intervals will be longer.

TAP Recycling (800) 765-7100
The Toy Man, Portland, OR, 97211 - YELLOWPAGES.COM
for your fan

energy suspension (949) 361-3935 call and talk to a tech about the bushings. he will need the O.D. the length, and the I.D.

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