Pressure Test of Coolant System - FJ62

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Apr 11, 2013
Tampa, FL
I have noticed that the coolant in the tank is a little low when I check it every week or so.
I don't see any leaks (puddles on the driveway).

I rented a pressure tester from Advance Auto Parts.

The instructions say to pump it up to the systems pressure rating.

I can't find anything to indicate what the pressure rating is on the 62.

Does anyone know what I should pump it up to?

Pressure tested OK

I used the pressure tester I borrowed from Advanced Auto and pumped it up to around 13-14psi and the pressure held.

I don't see any puddles of fluid underneath either.

I did see a very slight area of wetness at a hose that connects to a hard pipe that tees. It is located near the firewall on the passenger side.

So I tightened this down another turn or so and I'll continue monitoring that area and the coolant level.
Might have a head gasket leak so you would be burning the fluid. There are kits to test that as well. Almost any good independent shop will test if for you for cheap.

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