Presidents Day Outing?

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Jun 7, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
I know this is way too much notice,:D but was curious if anyone is off (or taking off like me) and interested in wheeling.

I am going to take some kids along 9-17 year old's to get them away from their moms and video games.

I'd like to go near some water since it seems to attract young (and old) boys.
I usually try to go out wheeling every weekend, so more than likely count me in.
I've never been to Sheep's Bridge. Not sure if water is flowing too much now. LC Phil usually knows how to find out about that.

Another place I haven't been to in a while is Saguaro Lake coves. Any ideas on water? Rivers? Stream? Lakes?
I would be interested in going to Sheep's Bridge, never been there before.
The back way via Horseshoe lake is closed:( You will need to go the long way via Bloody Basin road. The good, no water crossing. The bad long bumpy road.

What is closed exactly, the route across the first water crossing? I thought that route was for the ranch just across the river.
It is posted by the forest service at the turn off from Horseshoe lake road. The document ( I have a picture of it somewhere) states if you are subject to a $5000 fine if you go. There also a portable sign at the turn off on the Bartlett Lake road that both FR 479 and FR41 are close but for some reason FR41 does not have the same laminated legal looking document stating the fine if you go.

As for the ranch they do use that but they also can use the road across the top of the dam.
Might be up to going somewhere as long it's not to extreme unless bypasses are available. Still haven't got the State Trust Land permit. Need to get mailed off this weekend.
Are there any "fun" areas around Saguaro Lake? I went there years ago with a Range Rover group but I'm not familiar with the entire area.
I know of one cove after you go though Butcher Jones Rec Area, but that's about it. I may just explore and see where GPS roads take me.

I know the buys will enjoy climbing and playing in the water
I just checked my company schedule and realized i dont have that day off :(

edit: I may have the guts to call in sick, but i doubt it
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I've also had a change of plans. Will no longer be able to go out
Me thinking the back way to Sheeps Bridge is open again. Previously it was noted on the flashing sign on Cave Creek Road. No longer is it listed and the posting at the turn off on Horseshoe dam road is no longer posted. I went down to the water crossing on my moto today and talked to a couple of Tacoma's coming back from Chalk Mountain and said nothing is posted and the road was fine up to Chalk Mountain.

Flow is way down after they just dumped Horseshoe into Bartlett last week. May give it a run this week
I went down to the water crossing on my moto today and talked to a couple of Tacoma's coming back

It was a nice weekend to dust off the Moto and get out

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