preping and painting the frame

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Apr 23, 2009
York PA
So I have my 40 stripped down to the frame and I need some help deciding what to paint it with. And I want to do it right the first time. There is some rust on the frame, with some pitting. My intensions with the vehicle is to make it a road/trail worthy. Any help is appreciated
I used POR15 on my frame - surface rust is actually beneficial to POR15's ability to stick to the metal. I got a "six pack" for like $50 and then the Metal Ready and Marine Clean for a little more - check their site for specials ( After following the steps, the frame came out beautiful, the paint really levels well and fills in all the little pit marks - it looked like brand new.

Just be sure to dedicate enough time if you go this route - you have to put a 2nd coat on within 2-4 hours of the first coat. If you don't you have to wait a few days and then use self-etching primer before putting on the 2nd coat - I wish I had done both coats back to back because the 2nd coat came out not so great.
2X on POR-15. Great stuff. I did the frame and under side of the pig ~10yrs ago and it's still on well. I guess the dirt and grease covering it protects it now. ; ) ty
Inside frame rails:
I used a dish washing sponge with an elongated handle. Dip in POR and work it back and forth in the rails. Worked great.
I wanted to buy the daubers that POR15 sells but they are crazy money like everything else they sell. I found some cotton daubers on ebay for like $5 for 10 of them - the wire handles are only like 5" long so it was a little tricky on some spots but I was able to reach everything just the same. The POR daubers are nice and long so if you don't mind shelling out $22 for 6 of them they would be the way to go.
Use an undercoating wand and gun. They are usually 3ft. in length and sprays in a circular pattern to the sides not in front. You push it in all the way - like you've never heard that before - and pull out while depressing the gun trigger.

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