Prep For Paint, 94-80 Series

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Nov 16, 2017
San Diego, California
I'm close to pulling the trigger on getting my green 94 landcruiser painted. There are just a couple small dents and dings that also need to be fixed. Current paint is pretty bad. The clear is peeled, etc.

I definitely want to remove as many parts as possible before taking to the shop. Fender covers, emblems, roof rack, and anything that is where paint needs to be.

Wondering if I should pay the extra money and have windows removed. My budget is 3-4k.

Any advice on prep work I should do and if anyone knows a good body guy near San Diego would be appreciated.
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If you find anyone painting for 3-4K, let me know. I am getting quotes from 6-20,000. That is after I removed the interior/headliner, fender flares, bumpers, racks, moon roof, and grill. I would recommend at leas taking the front window out and having the inevitable rust around the windshield dealt with and painted. It makes sense from a painting stand point to remove the rear hatch glass and both rear quarter sliding glass too from what I can tell.
I talked to Land Cruiser Restorations in Kansas about doing a full repaint and bumping out a few dents on my 80 series. They told me that for 12K they would pull all the glass, emblems etc and paint it the original color.

Unless you have a family connection I doubt you can find anything in your desired price range. Are there any good painters in T.J.?

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