Preload check (w/pic)

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Nov 15, 2007
Los Angeles
I'm in the middle of rechecking preload on the front axle. Full birfield job done 11,000 miles ago. DS had wiggle at 12-6 o'clock position. Only took 3 1/2 lbs on the fish scale to move the hub...not superb.

Got in and cleaned up a bit. Noticed a groove where the inner bearing seal rests on the spindle. Is this a concern? Otherwise everything looks ok to my eyes.

Please let me know if you see anything of concern. Note: there are no grooves/notches/abrasions on the spindle where the inner bearing sits even though it looks rough in the pic.
IMG_0014 copy.jpg
Got an issue here. I cant get the preload to come out above 6lbs (more like 3.5lbs again) on the fish scale after I back the torque nut off to "hand tight" or "12in/lb". If I tighten it up to 43ft/lb, then I get 7-8lbs on the fish scale....not sure what to do.
A couple of locals have miss read the FSM and torqued them to 43ft/lb, run long term without issue. The "forum knowledge" says 10ft/lb, many have run that without issue. I did the fronts before CM, set them to my "calibrated hand spec:hillbilly:" checked with the torque wrench and they are ~20ft/lb. The most important thing is to always have preload, loose bearings die quickly and damage other parts, a rig with bigger the tires and wheeled/driven harder, needs more preload than a street rig.
Cool. Thanks Tools, you've given me some great advice over the last couple years. Much appreciated! :beer:

Fyi, when I put the tab washer and lock nut on, tightened the lock nut to 47ftlb and checked the preload it came out to 8-9lbs
Well, I didnt think the passenger side was going to have any problems since it was nice and tight....I was wrong. Some wear on the spindle where the outer bearing sits. Some wear on the inside of the outer bear and possibly on its outer edge?? Also, what the heck happened to this thrust washer???? Maybe this is what has been making a clunk noise?
hey tools, doesn't the fsm say 10 in/lbs? i set mine by hand, but i thought that is what i had read. or i could just be mental at the moment as well.

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