Power Steering leaks...and what to replace

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Jul 2, 2014
Edmonton, AB

I am relatively new to the 80 and am looking for advice on what I should be replacing to fix my leaking power steering. The high pressure line was leaking when I bought it and the PO had a oem line to replace it that came with it. I figured I would let it go until I had to get in there and do a few other things.

Had it out for the first wheeling trip last weekend which seemed to be enough to blow the pump seals and spray fluid all over the driver side of the engine. Turning 37's stuck in a trench with front locked up probably wasnt' easy on the system.

When I got home I new it was time to fix the system up. Pics below are what I found. What all would you experts suggest I replace while I am at this? It has been suggested that I upgrade the oil cooler but not sure if that will be compatible with the oem high pressure line I already have.


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Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
Buy a rebuild kit for the pump. It isn't too hard, but there are challenging parts.
Be sure your rebuild kit comes with the big red o-ring for pump to block interface.
You have the HP line you said, so that's a good start.
Also get the big hose that attaches to the side of the reservoir (low pressure).
The other lines are 10mm, which is a hair larger than 3/8". Be sure to use transmission or power steering line.
I can't help with the aftermarket cooler.

Check the gasket under the cap. I think you have to get a new cap if the gasket is hard. Mine was toast.

What year is your rig? If you put that in your sig, it will help those offering help.
Looks like the seal on the pump has started to let go, either replace it or rebuild it. There are quite a few posts on rebuilding/replacing the pump. Be careful of the pump gear as it is relatively easily damaged and if damaged will create a significant amount of noise and need replacement.

At this point just replace all the hoses as well. Be forewarned, this is a giant PITA. You may have to pull the radiator to get it all done and to be honest just pull it anyway, it will be well worth the effort as room in this area is at a premium, especially if you have larger hands. Pull the battery, battery box and coil as well. Consider pulling the oil filter as well.

You will be in the same area as the fuel filter, may as well get to it with the room you have now.

If you are pulling the radiator also check to see if your oil pump is leaking as well. Replacing the o ring is significantly easier with the radiator out of the way.
As far as the aftermarket cooler goes...your HP lines don't connect to it anyway. So, feel free to add one.
Go to phhkit.com for the low pressure lines.
One thing to note: make sure your low pressure hoses aren't touching anything. Mine were touching a clamp from another hose and nearly got chewed through by the vibrations.
How would silicon hose work for low pressure power steering lines? I have a bunch of 10mm I was going to use for vacuum lines sitting around. yeh or neigh?
The line needs to be TOC (transmission oil cooler). The return requires ~28" of 3/8", from rockauto.com a 3' length (ACDELCO Part # 36361970) is $6.90. the reservoir needs ~12" of 5/8" (ACDELCO Part # 36350030) is $12.85 for 3.5'. The pump kit (EDELMANN Part # 8826, yes it includes the motor o-ring) is $10.18. A box of 10, #1 Gates clamps (GATES Part # 32001) for the return lines is $5.40. So, the whole thing is $35.33, plus shipping and a couple of quarts of P/S fluid.:meh:

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