power steering leak

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Apr 11, 2003
'85 FJ60 - i've been leaking power steering fluid for a couple years now and i'm ready to do something about it. I've seen a couple references to a PS leak (being common) but i haven't seen any comments on what is the base cause and how does one fix it.

What in general is be cause of a PS leak--is there a common ailment here?
check the PS pump: o-rings, cracked/pinhole leaks in hoses, loose fittings. PS Gear Box may be leaking as well. Seals go south after a while.

replaced our leaky PS pump only to discover a bad return hose, and a leaky PS Gear Box. All is repaired save the gear box (big $$$) but we're getting there....

hope it helps,
-dogboy- '87 FJ60
Recently repaired a leak on my 220,000-mile FJ62. In my case, the hard lines had corroded and the pressure line was beginning to leak. I had a custom hydraulic line made locally at an auto parts store with compression fittings to mate to the factory ends ( I hack sawed these off the old lines.) Cost about $60 and worked great.

I'd degrease everything and watch it for a few days to try and locate the location of the leak and go from there.
if its the pump thats leaking then the best bet is a new OEM pump(spendy however)

can also get OEM rebuild kits for the pump

and on a fj60 a leaky pump will at some point ruin the air pump underneath it.

But and I normally hate the stop leak crap and it doesn't work, but on my fj80 PS pump(which has been leaking for 150+K) I used Golden Eagle stop leak, and I'll be damned if it didn't almost completely stop the leak, I have a few other local fj80 leaky pump owners use it will similar good(and in two case it stoped 100% of the leak) results.......it's the only stop leak stuff that has every worked for me.

if it's a hose or box leak, then it's not gonna help

you can find aftermarker hose cheap.

Sounds familiar. My 85 fj60 is and has been leaking for a while now. It's making a frickin mess. As best I can see my leak is coming from the 2 hoses connected to the gear box. I know those are leaking. I just haven't taken the time to do anything about it yet. It's on a looooooong list of to do things ::)

I would personally be VERY interested in hearing what you find since we have the same year cruiser. Might have a similiar problem. Do what others suggested. Clean it up as best you can and see if you can pinpoint your leak.

good luck
I had good luck with rebuilding the OEM pump on my fj60. It was leaking into the air pump, which eventually freezes up the bearings in the air pump. If the main shaft bushing isn't munged, you should be able to put new o-rings & seal in the pump to fix the leak. Aftermarket pumps don't have the best reputation.
Pvaman my FJ73 series has the same pump as a 60 series and it leaked from the top of the reservoir that is supposed to be press sealed .Took it to a radiator repair shop where they silver soldered and pressure tested it for $30 .It was not readily apparent it was leaking from there as the radiator fan blows the fluid everywhere and I already paid someone to run a a kit through it but of course it still leaked .
Another cheap fix for a common leak is the o ring where the resevoir fits on to the pump
I had the seals fail on my '84 BJ60 PS pump. It's a cheap repair you can do yourself. Parts available at Toyota. Not too spendy.
wow...great feedback. it's amazing how *common* problems are ...ain't the web great. Well the motor's out of the cruiser right now (rebuilding it) so it'll be tough to diagnose the leak until it's buttoned back up. But i'll be sure to post back whatever i find.
I have the same issue going on with my high pressure line. How exactly did you do the repair? What kind of tubing did you replace the hardline with? I appreciate all the inforamtion you can offer!!


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